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Order a MyTopOff Opener today for $9.95 plus $6.95 S&H, and you will receive an insulated Koozie and a drink sling absolutely FREE. For a limited time we will DOUBLE your order for FREE with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE! So, you will be receiving 2 MyTopOff Openers, 2 Koozies, and 2 Drink Slings. A total value of over $60.00 for only $16.90 delivered to your door!
1 Double Kit : $16.90 total, 2 Openers, 2 Koozies, 2 Drink Slings
2 Double Kits: $33.80 total, 4 Openers, 4 Koozies, 4 Drink Slings
3 Double Kits: $50.70 total, 6 Openers, 6 Koozies, 6 Drink Slings.
Allow 7 to 10 days for shipping in the United States, a little longer to Canada.

A Durable Metal Bottle Opener thats Easy to Clean

Posted by mike August - 27 - 2013 - Tuesday

MyTopOff is a revolutionary new metal bottle opener that takes the effort out of opening any crown top bottle. This durable metal bottle opener can be used on beer bottles, soda bottles, even sparkling water. It makes opening crown top bottles easy and safe, no more struggling with the top of a corkscrew or a lighter. Even standard bottle openers can prove to be difficult to use if you don’t hold them just the right way.

MyTopOff is the only metal bottle opener on the market that provides remarkable ease of use. Simply press MyTopOff down on the bottle, and a durable spring-loaded device pops the top right off. Lift straight up and a magnet inside will catch the top. It’s perfect for hosts or bartenders who need to open many bottles at once, and safe for older kids to use on glass soda bottles. Standard metal bottle openers can slip or catch the top wrong, resulting in a broken bottle top and cut hand. No other bottle opener on the market is as easy or safe to use as MyTopOff.

Made of metal and durable plastic, MyTopOff is designed to withstand long term use and can be cleaned with soap and water, or thrown in the dishwasher. The stylish look of this metal bottle opener makes it a wonderful gift for thanking a gracious host, a useful party favor, or a great addition to any home bar. Companies can even get their logo printed on MyTopOff, making this unique metal bottle opener a great company Christmas gift. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s how confident they are that customers will love this product. Whether it’s a gift for a friend, mom, guy, gal, or employees and customers, MyTopOff is sure to be something they’ll keep and use for a long time. For purchasing specials and more information, visit and order today!

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