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Order a MyTopOff Opener today for $9.95 plus $6.95 S&H, and you will receive an insulated Koozie and a drink sling absolutely FREE. For a limited time we will DOUBLE your order for FREE with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE! So, you will be receiving 2 MyTopOff Openers, 2 Koozies, and 2 Drink Slings. A total value of over $60.00 for only $16.90 delivered to your door!
1 Double Kit : $16.90 total, 2 Openers, 2 Koozies, 2 Drink Slings
2 Double Kits: $33.80 total, 4 Openers, 4 Koozies, 4 Drink Slings
3 Double Kits: $50.70 total, 6 Openers, 6 Koozies, 6 Drink Slings.
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Pop that Bottle Top!

Posted by mike December - 26 - 2013 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

Looking for the ultimate way to get the party started? Then look no further than MyTopOff: the easiest, most user-friendly bottle cap opener ever created! Instead of twisting, turning, and experiencing the frustration of finding oneself without a bottle cap opener, MyTopOff allows for smooth, effortless bottle cap removal every time. Simply place the opener on top of the bottle cap, push down until you hear a click, and then remove. A spring-loaded device lifts the cap off, while a magnet catches the cap. MyTopOff can remove a variety of bottle caps, from twist to non-twist, and from imported beers to domestic. It works safely and easily on all bottle caps, even soda bottle caps and crown beer caps!

What Differentiates MyTopOff from other Bottle Cap Openers?

MyTopOff eliminates the hassle of opening bottles and is easy enough for anyone to operate. Furthermore, it is made of stainless steel and durable plastic, and is intended to be used long-term. Also, unlike other bottle cap openers, MyTopOff can simply be put in the dishwasher or rinsed off and it is ready to use again! What really sets this bottle cap opener apart is the fact that it can be customized. It comes in a variety of colors and can even have a logo or image screen-printed right onto the front!

Why Should I Purchase MyTopOff Bottle Cap Opener?

MyTopOff is excellent for gift giving, stocking-stuffers, party favors and birthdays. It is perfect for company and restaurant promotions and is ideal to have on hand for any party, festival, or virtually any occasion. MyTopOff is so safe and easy to operate that even a child could do it! Additionally, the magnet within the opener eliminates the need to fumble around trying to catch the cap. The opener works on any type of bottle, from beer to soda, twist-off to non-twist caps. With this bottle cap opener, you never have to worry about hurting yourself while opening bottles, and you never have to worry about losing your bottle opener ever again. With all the ways you can customize MyTopOff, you can tailor the opener to your unique personality! If you ever need to open a bottle again, turn to the easiest, most efficient way to pop that bottle top: MyTopOff!

MyTopOff – Open your Beer in an Instant!

Posted by mike December - 19 - 2013 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

Being the life of the party means more than just knowing how to entertain. Whether you are throwing a birthday bash or simply hitting a tailgate party before the big game, you should always know how to open a beverage without losing face. At almost every celebration, too much time is wasted trying to figure out how to open a beverage. Those who prefer to party outdoors are especially prone to discovering that they are left with few options after leaving their beer opener at home. Fortunately, there is a better way to open your beverage without resorting to cracking a couple of teeth or denting your tailgate. With MyTopOff, you can always be sure that you can open any beverage in an instant without missing a beat.

Keep the Party Going

If you frequently find yourself playing the role of the host, then you should always know how to get your guests their drinks fast. Even if you just want to spend a few hours poolside alone, it is never fun to waste time running inside to get your drink open. MyTopOff offers a revolutionary way to keep the party going by having an instant way to open your beverage with only one quick flick of the wrist. Not only will this save you time, but once your friends get a glimpse of your beer opener, you will be at the center of attention. Let those other people stand around and wait as you instantly open bottle after bottle while gaining the respect of your friends. MyTopOff is the easiest bottle opener you will ever operate, and it goes the extra mile by collecting your tops and being easy to clean. Check out how the MyTopOff works so you can take advantage of the best way to avoid having a lapse in your party fun.

How MyTopOff Works

Once you understand how MyTopOff works, you will wonder how you ever survived a party without one in your possession. The MyTopOff beer opener works using spring-loaded technology. To use one, simple place the MyTopOff over the top of your beverage, and then press down. Once you do, the spring-loaded magnet will hold the cap so that it is removed as you pull the bottle away. Afterwards, the cap is conveniently held in place so that you can discard it without having to worry about searching for it on the ground. While it is not necessary to clean the beer opener after each use, those who are worried about it can simply rinse it off with regular dishwashing liquid or toss it into the dishwasher after the party’s over. If you are ready to eliminate your beverage opening frustrations, then be sure to get a MyTopOff today that will keep you at the top of your game.

A Great Promotional Gift!

Posted by mike December - 16 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Hats and pens are fine as “gimmes.” However, if you’re looking for a promotional gift that will help drive business, try a unique beer opener. A distinctive gift such as a MyTopOff bottle opener stands out from the crowd. People will hold on to this useful and clever item, meaning that unique beer opener will keep advertising for you.

Push Down Bottle Cap Opener
MyTopOff is easy to use. Adults of all ages use it to uncap the peskiest of beer bottles. Even kids can get their hands around the opener to pop open soda bottles. It’s sanitary and completely safe – no more cuts from metal caps.

MyTopOff works by popping the metal cap on a bottle. You push down, and a magnet captures the cap, easily pulling it off the bottle. This innovative bottle opener works on every kind of bottle and cap you come up with, from twist tops to imported beer bottles to home brews. It even works on those hard-to-open crown tops typical of soda and beer bottles.

Promotional Gift

One key to success is keeping your business in customers’ minds. That’s why companies give out pens, mugs and even t-shirts. However, pens get lost or run out. Mugs break. T-shirts get worn only every now and again. How many times do people look around for a bottle opener, though? Bottle openers never outlive their usefulness.

A unique beer opener like MyTopOff is something people keep around. Your customers will put the opener with their other utensils and reach for it every time they have a bottle in hand. They’ll show it off to friends at barbecues and tailgating parties. Maybe they’ll want a bunch of them to give away as stocking stuffers, at New Years or at other parties. They’ll associate those good times with your business.


They key to promotional gifts is customizing them with your logo. MyTopOff uses silk screen printing to add a logo to any color of opener. The durable print lasts on the thick plastic cover. Inside the mechanism is made of stainless steel and a strong magnet. This unique beer opener is going to be around for awhile.

You can use the bottle opener in a number of promotional campaigns. If you’re running a fundraiser, give them away for each donation. Hand them out as client appreciation gifts. Put them out at a conference for potential clients to take. Use them as party favors at your next shindig.

So, are you ready to take your promotional gift-giving to the next level? Do you want a “gimme” that will keep giving back to your business? The MyTopOff opener is the prime choice for you. Let your competitors give away hats and mugs. You’re giving out a unique beer opener with your company’s logo on it.

A Perfect Addition to Any Party

Posted by mike December - 13 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

If you’re throwing any raucous parties this holiday season, you can’t be without the MyTopOff. This revolutionary beer cap opener is the awesome little device that will wow all of your friends and guests. Instead of cutting your hands on jagged bottle caps or chipping a table or counter by trying to pop off that stubborn bottle cap, MyTopOff allows you to pop off your bottle caps with complete and total ease. Here are three reasons why the MyTopOff is an absolute must-have for any party.

Totally Easy To Use

Are you ready to say goodbye to cuts on your hand or bottle caps that refuse to come off the bottle? At this year’s holiday fun, put a few MyTopOffs near the bar or in the kitchen to allow your guests to pop their caps off with total ease. Your guests will be amazed at how simple, quick and easy this awesome little beer cap opener truly is. It may seem small, but it totally packs a wallop.

An Awesome Party Favor

This beer cap opener can be customized. This is the perfect option for those who want to provide their guests with a cool party favor that they will use over and over again. Treat your guests to their own personal MyTopOff when they walk in the door, so that they can enjoy their new gift during your party. Personalize their new beer cap opener with slogans like “Tom’s New Years Bash 2013.” This is a great way for your friends to remember the awesome night you all had forever.

A Cleaner House in the Morning

When people throw a party, they often wake up in the morning to find bottle caps strewn everywhere. This is one reason why the MyTopOff beer cap opener is so crucial. Thanks to a little magnet within the device, it grabs the bottle cap to keep it from falling onto to the floor. Not only is this amazing little device a fun way to open your beer, but it’s also a great way to ensure that beer caps make their way to the garbage can – not your floor.

The MyTopOff is an absolute must-have at your parties this holiday season. Customize your new beer cap openers with a fun slogan or logo so that you can give them away as party favors. You can enjoy the fun little bonus gifts that come when you order MyTopOffs, like the insulated koozie and the hands-free drink sling.

MyTopOff – Safe & Sanitary to Use

Posted by mike December - 10 - 2013 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

Do you want to open your bottle in style? Do you want to use a bottle cap remover that’s going to impress your friends and make everyone laugh? Do you want to be the coolest person at the party, the one who everyone comes to for their bottle opener? Of course you do! You need to grab the MyTopOff bottle opener.

You’ll grab this bottle opener and you’ll use it all over the place. After a few uses, you’ll wonder – should I wash it off? Is it safe to use on multiple bottles, for multiple people? Are there germs in there? The answers to these questions are simple, and they are listed below. This is the best bottle cap remover you’ll ever own, so you’ll want to know how safe it really is. You’ll want to know if it is actually the safest and most sanitary available bottle opener on the market.

No More Bottle Cap Cuts

You’re about to get some good news: the MyTopOff bottle cap remover is completely safe to use. Think about it – how many times have you cut yourself on the twist off tops? How many times have you hurt yourself using old fashioned bottle openers? Plenty of times, right? You will never get hurt again after you use this instrument. Place it on, push it down and you’ve never touched the bottle cap.

Here’s even better news: that’s also why this bottle cap remover is also completely sanitary. Consider how it works. You put it on top of the bottle and it pops the top off. You don’t touch the bottle top at all. Your friends will drink from a top completely untouched by humans. Additionally, the bottle must be standing upright to use the bottle cap remover. You won’t have to tip the bottle, so alcohol won’t touch the instrument. There will not be germs inside the remover.

This instrument is safe, sanitary, fun to use and sought after by everyone at the party. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have one of your own to use at every gathering. Impress your friends and keep everyone at the party healthy with MyTopOff today.

MyTopOff – Just Push Down

Posted by mike November - 22 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

Smartphones, 3D television, electric cars…All of these will go down in history as being some of the greatest advances in technology, and you better believe that the My Top Off bottle opener will be right there with them! This genius, yet simple, technology will have beer drinkers jumping for joy for many years to come! Everyone loves a product that makes life a little easier, and that is just one reason why the My Top Off bottle opener is such a hit!

What is a My Top Off bottle opener?

Imagine being able to open a bottle of cold beer in less than a second. Sound too good to be true? It is most defiantly possible with this high tech push down bottle opener! The My Top Off bottle opener allows bottled beverage drinkers to instantly open their bottle in lightning speed with no effort what so ever. The secret to this bottle opener is hidden inside. Its spring loaded cap removal system quickly releases any bottle cap with just a pop on and then a pop off. If you can put a cap on a pen, you will have no problem using this push down bottle opener! It’s that easy! And don’t worry about your friends dropping it and breaking it after maybe a few too many! The My Top Off bottle opener is made with durable stainless steel and hard plastic, so you will feel comfortable handing it over to your not-so-graceful beer drinking friends!

Imagine the possibilities…

No more prying the tops of your beers with old fashion bottle openers, and no more ripping holes in your shirt as you use it to cover your hand while twisting the cap off (you know you’ve done that before!). It can even make life a lot easier for bartenders! Imagine opening an entire row of beers with just a simple pop on/pop off motion! Time is of the essence when getting those frosty cold beers to their rightful owners, so being able to open them in half a second makes perfect sense! Opening hundreds of beers each night with old fashion bottle openers has got to make your hand sore! Sore-no-more with this awesome push down bottle opener! And, we all know how hard it is to open a beer when your hands are wet. The My Top Off is the perfect accessory when drinking your beer near water, like at the beach, on a boat, in a pool, in the bathtub, in a hot tub, or even in the rain! When things get slippery, you can count on this push down bottle opener to get the job done!

So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your beer drinking experience now and order your own My Top Off bottle opener! And, don’t forget you can customize your push down bottle opener with your own name or logo so you won’t have to worry about your buddies trying to claim it as their own!

Become The Life Of Any Party With My Top Off!

Posted by mike November - 16 - 2013 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

If you’ve ever been the life of a party, you know how much fun it is. It might have also been a little embarrassing the next day. This time, be the life of the party because you introduced everyone to one of the most fun bottle openers available today, the My Top Off bottle opener. Everyone will be talking about this cool invention for weeks after the party balloons have all popped.

Bottle caps can be notoriously hard to get off and can injure fingers when your skin catches on them the wrong way. My Top Off bottle openers are the perfect solution. So easy even a child can do it to open soda caps. Older folks can handle it as well. Simply pop the opener on top of the cap and listen as the ingenious magnetic catcher grabs the cap and holds it until you dispose of it.

Many Uses For These Awesome Bottle Openers

These are such fun bottle openers that are perfect for any event where everyone will be popping open cold beverages. They work great for fishing and camping outings, for traveling, to put in a golf bag or stash one in a tackle box. Use them to open any bottle easily at concerts, festivals, fairs and even at the beach. These fun bottle openers work on any kind of bottle from crown styles to twist-off caps to traditional pop off caps.

Your friends will be amazed when you pull one of these fun bottle openers out of your pocket or purse to use at your next party. They make fantastic birthday gifts, or great gifts for any occasion. The recipient of your thoughtful gift will absolutely love it!

Be creative and make a special gift basket for any beverage lover by including a My Top Off bottle opener. Thoughtfully fill a gift basket with a personalized mug, gift certificates to a favorite drinking spot, bartending books or special books for beer hobbyists. Then add a bar keepers towel, bottles of their favorite beverage and a My Top Off bottle opener and watch their eyes light up!

Promote A Restaurant, Bar Or Business

Custom order these fun bottle openers with your businesses own personalized logo to promote your business in a very unique way. Forget tired ideas like key-chains, pencils or koozies. Promote your business with personalized My Top Off bottle openers and create a memorable promotion.

Let everyone know that your business is different. You thrive on creativity and originality and your business gives promotional items that are helpful. These fun bottle openers never sit in a drawer unused. You have to try this incredibly unique and helpful bottle opener today!

My Top Off, the Perfect Bottle Opener

Posted by mike November - 6 - 2013 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Imagine that you just came inside from a hot day. You’ve been mowing the lawn and it’s nearly 95 degrees out there. It’s steamy, you’re sweating and you open the fridge to find something cool to drink. Surprise, your wife bought you beer! It’s cold, it’s sweating and it would feel great in your belly. You grab a bottle and head to the drawer for a bottle opener, only to find the whole drawer full of whatever your wife uses to cook. Now you have to dig for the bottle opener when all you want is a cold drink! Wait, is it a twist top? If it is, that’s great – except when you nearly rip your skin off trying to get into your beer.

If this scene has happened far too many times for you to count, you need to come see My Top Off. No, that’s not a suggestive invitation – it’s a sound beckoning for you to finally get your hands on the handy My Top Off bottle opener. This handy little gadget takes tops off bottles in seconds. Imagine grabbing the cylindrical opener, placing it over the bottle, pressing down and sipping that cold beer in less time than it takes you to open the kitchen drawer. You could be sitting down, sipping your cold beer right now if you had My Top Off bottle opener already.

My Top Off Customized Bottle Opener

Are you afraid someone’s going to come along and claim this bottle opener as your own? That’s not a concern either! This bottle opener can be customized. Make no mistake; this handy piece of equipment – My Top Off bottle opener – is YOURS! At less than $10, it’s worth the money to buy two or three so you have them on hand for your buddies.

Use them at all the games, parties and gatherings to make the bottle top removal fast and efficient. Carry one with you to impress your friends and never search for a My Top Off bottle opener again! Relax, forget about cutting your hands on the twist tops, and get into that ice cold beverage in no time flat.

Go directly to the My Top Off Bottle Opener home page and order your bottle opener today! Purchase in standard black or customize your order. Don’t forget about the other fun products offered, and be on your way to further relaxation right now!

Pop Open a Cold Beer Instantly!

Posted by mike November - 4 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Bottled beer that has been chilled to just the right temperature is something that every beer drinker looks forward to enjoying. Beer is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures. The bottle is set gingerly on the counter or table waiting to be opened. That is when it suddenly hits that there is no beer bottle opener around. There used to be one but it got lost somewhere around the home. This scenario definitely puts a damper on plans to kick back and enjoy an icy cold one. Now the challenge is to figure out how to quickly get this cap off and get to that tasty beer.

Beer Bottle Wrangler

With no beer bottle opener there is only one thing to do. Wrangle this bottle and force that cap to come off. Beer caps are a lot like wild steers in that they seem to resist any attempt at pulling them off easily. This is a task that must be approached with caution or an injury to the hand is likely to happen.

Wrangling usually begins by grabbing the neck of the bottle with one hand and the cap with the other. A person then needs to use all their strength to make this little cap budge. Much effort is put into twisting and turning it this way and that way. In most cases this usually leads to some audible grunting. A few cuts and bruises are par for the course.

Cap wrangling is hard work!

If bare hands fail to do the trick it is time to find a tool. Take a knife and try to work it around the edges. Slowly the cap may begin moving. Unfortunately, that cold beer is steadily getting warmer.

The Easy Way to Pop That Top

Tired of struggling to wrangle off those beer caps?

There’s a better solution for removing bottle caps. MyTopOff popper is a gadget that warms the heart of every beer drinker in the world. It is a beer bottle opener that is unlike any other. Simply put this amazing one-piece opener on top of any unopened bottle of beer. Push down until it clicks. Walla!

The cap comes off with lightening speed.

Instead of spending several minutes figuring out how to pull off a cap, just use MyTopOff beer bottle opener to do the job in about three seconds. There’s no mess or painful hand injuries.

Where does the cap go?

The bottle cap automatically attaches itself to the magnet inside the device. No worries about it hitting someone accidentally.

Get Started Popping Tops

Ordering MyTopOff is fast and easy. Buy one now and get a second one free. Start popping and drinking cold beer within seconds.

MyTopOff – A Bartender’s Best Friend

Posted by mike November - 1 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

One of the hottest bartender bottle openers on the market today is the MyTopOff. That’s right, all one word, and it’s all you need to safely and quickly remove a pry off or twist off bottle cap from your beer or other beverage.

Unique Device Popped ‘MyTopOff’

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got my first look at this device. How can it remove the cap and grab it with a magnet for easy disposal? But after trying it out on several types of bottles and caps, now I get it! It’s simple, fast and efficient, and actually a lot of fun.

A Spring Loaded Removal System

This key to this device is the spring loaded cap removal system. With a quick pop on/pop off motion, there’s no more struggling with an old fashioned bottle opener. There’s a built in magnet on the device that grabs the cap after it’s removed. It’s totally hands free bottle opening. There’s no more struggling with a stubborn cap, or cracking the glass, or cutting your hand on a stubborn twist-off cap.

I’ve seen this device being used at several recent football tailgate parties, and it’s a real talker in the beverage industry as far as bartender bottle openers go. Several of my friends work for beverage distributors, and I can see them ordering the MyTopOff to give out to clients. This product is ideal if you have bar at home where you entertain, or when you’re taking people out on your boat for a fishing excursion, or at your tailgate party, or when you and your friends are hanging out in your hot tub.

The MyTopOff device is made of a combination of stainless steel and durable plastic, making it the most user and clean-up friendly bartender bottle openers anywhere. It cleans up with soap and water, or just put it in the dishwasher. There’s nothing to scrub or take apart and put back together.

The website is currently offering great deals on the purchase of this brand of bartender bottle openers. They have two-for-one deals, and are also including insulated koozies and hands-free drink slings as an incentive for your purchase.

In addition, you can get your logo on as many MyTopOff devices that you buy. They have a video demonstration of the product on their website, and a 100% money back guarantee. This is a must have bottle opener that you can’t afford not to try.