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Pop Off the Lid on Fun

Posted by mike December - 22 - 2013 - Sunday ADD COMMENTS

There can never be too many new inventions when it comes to making life convenient. This fact is especially true when you are hosting events and throwing parties in your own home. Luckily, a new item has entered the lineup of kitchen products that is sure to save you time and effort when it comes to servings drinks all around. The Bottle Popper is a simple device that eliminates the frustration that comes in dealing with drinks and bottles that require a little extra effort to open. This ingenious device provides the needed leverage and skill to serve drinks with the efficiency of the professionals. The Bottle Popper fits into the palm of your hands, allowing you to easily remove the top from any number of bottled items. From champagne to beer bottles and sodas, quickly preparing drinks for your friends and family can now be done with ease.

An Invention With Endless Applications

The days of cutting your fingers and having sore palms due to constantly removing bottle lids can be far behind you when you order this unique new invention from Even the smallest of hands can easily work the Bottle Popper. People of all ages will automatically reach for the popper when they have their favorite beverage in hand. There is no limit to the kinds of bottles that this device can tackle. Both twist-off caps and crown bottles are opened with one smooth motion when you are using the Bottle Popper. The popper can be order using two different materials that both work quickly and efficiently. The high-strength plastic model is available, or users can upgrade their order to receive a popper that is made completely from stainless steel for a lifetime of use.

Convenience on the Move

The Bottle Popper is sanitary and completely safe to use. The tool is self-contained, meaning that there are no sharp edges or any dangerous parts that may cause injury during use. It can be cleaned simply by running it under warm water and applying a small portion of soap. This item provides convenience on the go as well. It is great for picnics, barbeques, boating and beach parties, camping, golfing, and any other outdoor activity that you may have planned. It can be neatly tucked away with the drinks that you pack. Businesses and bars also love this one of a kind device thanks to the fact that it can be ordered to display monograms and logos of any kind. It works well as both a gift and a promotional item for any organization. The Bottle Popper comes at an extremely competitive price, and the manufacturers are even offering time-sensitive deals that allow you to receive a second device completely free of charge.

Catch all those Bottle Caps

Posted by mike December - 7 - 2013 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

We’ve all had those parties that get a little crazy toward the end. Everyone enjoys a few beers each, and when the room is full, that’s a lot of beer bottles to collect. While our friends might politely collect the bottles in the sink for us to clean the next day, they don’t always remember to collect their bottle caps. We wake up the next morning and walk across something that feels worse than a Lego – a bottle cap. How in the world can we avoid this problem for future parties?

A magnetic bottle opener from MyTopOff is the perfect answer to this problem. Not only does this tool look cool, everyone is going to want to try it out, so the bottle tops will be collected in a neat pile instead of deposited all over the house. With a magnetic bottle opener, you can grab that bottle top, pull it off with complete ease, then collect the bottle caps inside the opener’s handy storage container. When it’s full, simply dump into the trash and start again. It’s as simple as push, pull and dump!

Perfect for Your Next Party

Every party should have this handy device to avoid the stress of next day clean up. A magnetic bottle opener will be handy on those hot summer days as well. The last thing you want to think about after mowing the lawn for two hours is what to do with the bottle cap. Simply store it in the compartment, enjoy your beer and worry about the caps when the compartment gets full. There is no need to search for the cap to make sure it has been disposed of properly.

Avoid having to Clean Up Later

This tool is perfect for partying or for relaxing, and it will keep you from dealing with the cleanup later. It’s always nice when someone else handles cleanup for you, and the magnetic bottle opener does just that. It is sanitary as long as you wash the compartment with warm soap and water after use, and it makes life with hard to open bottles so very convenient. Don’t plan one more get together or one more day out in the hot sun until you have this handy contraption in your hand. Buy one today so you don’t miss out later!

My Top Off, the Perfect Bottle Opener

Posted by mike November - 6 - 2013 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Imagine that you just came inside from a hot day. You’ve been mowing the lawn and it’s nearly 95 degrees out there. It’s steamy, you’re sweating and you open the fridge to find something cool to drink. Surprise, your wife bought you beer! It’s cold, it’s sweating and it would feel great in your belly. You grab a bottle and head to the drawer for a bottle opener, only to find the whole drawer full of whatever your wife uses to cook. Now you have to dig for the bottle opener when all you want is a cold drink! Wait, is it a twist top? If it is, that’s great – except when you nearly rip your skin off trying to get into your beer.

If this scene has happened far too many times for you to count, you need to come see My Top Off. No, that’s not a suggestive invitation – it’s a sound beckoning for you to finally get your hands on the handy My Top Off bottle opener. This handy little gadget takes tops off bottles in seconds. Imagine grabbing the cylindrical opener, placing it over the bottle, pressing down and sipping that cold beer in less time than it takes you to open the kitchen drawer. You could be sitting down, sipping your cold beer right now if you had My Top Off bottle opener already.

My Top Off Customized Bottle Opener

Are you afraid someone’s going to come along and claim this bottle opener as your own? That’s not a concern either! This bottle opener can be customized. Make no mistake; this handy piece of equipment – My Top Off bottle opener – is YOURS! At less than $10, it’s worth the money to buy two or three so you have them on hand for your buddies.

Use them at all the games, parties and gatherings to make the bottle top removal fast and efficient. Carry one with you to impress your friends and never search for a My Top Off bottle opener again! Relax, forget about cutting your hands on the twist tops, and get into that ice cold beverage in no time flat.

Go directly to the My Top Off Bottle Opener home page and order your bottle opener today! Purchase in standard black or customize your order. Don’t forget about the other fun products offered, and be on your way to further relaxation right now!

Pop Open a Cold Beer Instantly!

Posted by mike November - 4 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Bottled beer that has been chilled to just the right temperature is something that every beer drinker looks forward to enjoying. Beer is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures. The bottle is set gingerly on the counter or table waiting to be opened. That is when it suddenly hits that there is no beer bottle opener around. There used to be one but it got lost somewhere around the home. This scenario definitely puts a damper on plans to kick back and enjoy an icy cold one. Now the challenge is to figure out how to quickly get this cap off and get to that tasty beer.

Beer Bottle Wrangler

With no beer bottle opener there is only one thing to do. Wrangle this bottle and force that cap to come off. Beer caps are a lot like wild steers in that they seem to resist any attempt at pulling them off easily. This is a task that must be approached with caution or an injury to the hand is likely to happen.

Wrangling usually begins by grabbing the neck of the bottle with one hand and the cap with the other. A person then needs to use all their strength to make this little cap budge. Much effort is put into twisting and turning it this way and that way. In most cases this usually leads to some audible grunting. A few cuts and bruises are par for the course.

Cap wrangling is hard work!

If bare hands fail to do the trick it is time to find a tool. Take a knife and try to work it around the edges. Slowly the cap may begin moving. Unfortunately, that cold beer is steadily getting warmer.

The Easy Way to Pop That Top

Tired of struggling to wrangle off those beer caps?

There’s a better solution for removing bottle caps. MyTopOff popper is a gadget that warms the heart of every beer drinker in the world. It is a beer bottle opener that is unlike any other. Simply put this amazing one-piece opener on top of any unopened bottle of beer. Push down until it clicks. Walla!

The cap comes off with lightening speed.

Instead of spending several minutes figuring out how to pull off a cap, just use MyTopOff beer bottle opener to do the job in about three seconds. There’s no mess or painful hand injuries.

Where does the cap go?

The bottle cap automatically attaches itself to the magnet inside the device. No worries about it hitting someone accidentally.

Get Started Popping Tops

Ordering MyTopOff is fast and easy. Buy one now and get a second one free. Start popping and drinking cold beer within seconds.

Push Down Bottle Opener

Posted by mike September - 27 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

Have you ever found yourself at an event with plenty of beer but with no way to open them? This common party problem often results in embarrassment and hasty actions that can cause injury. Although demonstrating how you can open a bottle using a table or your teeth may seem like a good idea at the time, this can quickly result in disastrous consequences. Instead of risking a major party faux pas, you can easily open your bottles using a push down bottle opener that is designed to lift off a cap in one swift step. If you are looking for a new way to improve your drinking experience, then here is how you can use a push down bottle opener to demonstrate your beer opening skills.

Advantages of Using MyTopOff

The greatest advantage of a push down bottle opener is that it is portable and convenient enough to carry in your pocket. Many people find that they prefer to keep one in their car and another in their kitchen so that one is always readily accessible. A quality push down bottle opener is even sturdy enough to be left outside on the patio or in an outdoor kitchen for use during backyard cookouts. In addition to being portable, the MyTopOff is easy simple to maintain and clean. All that is necessary to clean your bottle opener is a quick rinse with some water and dish soap. They are also dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with a regular load of your dishes. These portable bottle openers also make great gifts and promotional items that can be given away at corporate events.

How It Works

A push down bottle opener is designed with a spring-loaded mechanism that safely removes the cap off a bottle with one simple push down and one pull up. To use your MyTopOff, simply place it over the cap of your bottle and push down until it clicks. Then, pull your opener straight up to remove the cap. If you perform the action correctly, a magnet inside will hold your cap in place. Practice using it a few times and then demonstrate your skills to your friends. At family-friendly parties, you can even let kids discover the ease of opening their sodas using your push down bottle opener. Once you have mastered your bottle opening skills, you will love showing off your MyTopOff. Finally, check out the colors and customization options available to make you stand out in a crowd every time you pop off a top. From stainless steel to black with personalized designs, get one or several so you will always have a convenient way to open your bottles at your next event.

Best Beer Bottle Openers

Posted by mike September - 25 - 2013 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

The best beer bottle openers are ones that open the bottle as fast as possible! The beer bottle opener has come a long way since its appearance in the late 19th century. Almost a century and a half as gone by and the bottle opener remains an essential device for accessing beer. The bottle opener emerged around the same time William Painter invented the crown cork bottle cap, and was appropriately referred to as the crown cork opener. By the 1960s the cork inside the bottle cap was predominantly replaced by plastic, although several beer manufacturers prefer using cork.

Some of the best beer bottle openers combine form and function. One modern take on the bottle opener is the bottle opener/wine screw combination, which makes access to alcoholic beverages easier, especially for bartenders. Additionally, the bottle opener attached to a key chain is extraordinarily popular due to its easy-to-remember location (that’s if you remember where you left your keys). Keychain openers are favored among advertisement agencies and companies because they can be manufactured with the company’s logo or motto. Hat bottle openers, shoe openers, ones shaped like dragons or mermaids are wonderfully goofy and make nice gifts; however, the best beer bottle openers are strong and sturdy, made from a high-quality material and get the job done without the pain of hurting one’s fingers or hands; these are otherwise referred to pop-top beer openers.

Pop-top beer bottle openers are easily the best beer bottle openers on the market. MyTopOff creates a pop-top beer bottle made from stainless steel and hardy plastic that is extraordinarily easy to use. Simply place the opener over the bottle and push down until you hear the metal springs click, then remove the opener. A magnet, cleverly placed under the opener, captures the cap, for safe removal.

The rise in popularity of craft brews has ignited a new wave of beer drinkers. The craft breweries not only make quality beer, they adhere to a strict code, which enhance the drinkability of their beers. Microbreweries are almost extensively using pry-off crown caps, versus twist-off caps due to the penetration of oxygen that can alter the taste of the beer. The craft brewers that use twist-off caps adhere machine-milled caps in order to optimize the seal, this, however creates a seal so tight, the bottle caps cannot be removed without an opener. The MyTopOff beer bottle opener is ideal for tightly-sealed bottle caps; they assist in enhancing the entire drinking experience.

MyTopOff – How to Open a Beer

Posted by mike September - 22 - 2013 - Sunday ADD COMMENTS

Whether you are lounging poolside or enjoying a drink at a tailgate party, the last thing you want to do is struggle with opening the bottle. Not only will this make you look foolish, but it can also be frustrating enough to ruin your fun at a party. Although the classic bottle top has not been altered in decades, most cannot be opened without the use of a beer opener. Still, that does not stop people from trying to wrestle with a cap using their hands, teeth and an array of strange objects. If you are looking for a fast and simple solution to this classic celebration conundrum, then here is a guide on how to open a beer without losing face.

Avoid Using Dangerous Techniques

Watching someone pop a cap off with their teeth may make for some interesting movie fodder; however, seeing this in real life can make a person cringe. Using your teeth as a beer opener can ruin the fun just as fast as you can chip your teeth. Taking a hands-on approach can also cause cuts and strain in your wrists. Fortunately, injuries and damage to the furniture can all be avoided by using a MyTopOff beer opener.

How to Use MyTopOff

Knowing how to open a beer is an essential skill that everyone of drinking age should acquire. Now, with a MyTopOff opener, this skill is easier than it ever has been before. This simple beer opener is a spring-loaded device with a magnet piece inside that is designed to help you learn how to open a beer in just one easy step. Simply place the MyTopOff beer opener over the top of your bottle and press down. As you lift straight up, the magnet will hold the cap while leaving the top of your bottle free for you to take a sip. If you are worried about cleaning, all you need to do rinse it with dish soap and water or toss it in the dishwasher.

Impress Others with Your Skills

With your MyTopOff in hand, you can show off your master skills by demonstrating how to open a beer at parties and bars. Others will be impressed with your ability to deftly remove a cap so you can get on with your fun. Kids can even get in on the fun by using your MyTopOff to open their sodas. Then, add some extra gear, such as a hands-free drink sling, to make it clear you are the master of managing your drinks.

Most people find that having a beer opener handy is essential for keeping their drinks coming when they are celebrating at home or at a special event. If you want to make sure you know how to open a beer every time, then check out how MyTopOff can preserve your teeth while allowing you to be the star of the party when you show off your skills.

The Number One Bottle Cap Opener

Posted by mike September - 19 - 2013 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

Anyone who has ever tried to take off an unusually stubborn bottle cap knows the frustration I’m talking about. Those little metal disks are supposed to be easy to grip and easy to twist. Hardly. How many times have you ripped skin off your fingers trying to take those bottle caps off (go ahead-raise your hand so we can count your bottle cap maimed fingers)?

Granted there are a slew of bottle cap openers on the market to make the task easier. But those are often bulky, easily lost, or inflict even more damage on fingers than the bottle cap itself. Some of them are difficult for people with conditions like arthritis to operate. They’re hardly the perfect solution they claim to be.

So I was skeptical when a friend suggested the MyTopOff bottle cap opener. Honestly, how much better could this thing be? It doesn’t even look like a bottle cap opener. I grabbed the nearest bottle, was ready to prove my well-meaning friend wrong, and…. was surprised by how easy and this thing was.

Let me be clear. MyTopOff bottle cap opener does not in any way resemble a traditional bottle cap opener. The thing looks more like salt and pepper shakers. But it works like a dream. Instead of twisting or prying, I just had to press the MyTopOff down on the bottle. Once it clicked, I pressed up and the bottle was open, complete with the bottle cap dangling from the magnet on the bottom of the opener. It was awesome!

Skeptical me, I couldn’t wait to try it again. The first bottle was a pop top type lid. Surely this thing wouldn’t work with a twist top. I pushed it down, heard a click, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked just as well. In fact, I later found out that MyTopOff bottle cap opener works on all crown top bottles.

The more I found out the more I liked the cute little bottle opener. It’s sanitary since it doesn’t come into contact with the liquids in the bottles. I like that. It’s small enough to be portable but large enough to prevent loss. In fact, the MyTopOff is the perfect size to store in a picnic basket, ice chest, tackle box, or glove compartment. Heck, MyTopOff even offers customization for use as party favors or promotional items. How great is that?

Other bottle cap openers have let me down, but MyTopOff has restored my faith. I don’t know that I’ll ever use another bottle cap opener again. It’s unique, fun to use, and offered at a price that’s beyond reasonable. You have to try MyTopOff; you’ll be glad you did. I promise it’s worth every penny.

Open Bottles with Just One Push!

Posted by mike August - 30 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

There are certain industries and products where things don’t change much over the years. Look at the auto industry. Yes, there have been improvements in safety and features, but the overwhelming majority of cars being driven today are still using a form of combustion engine from the early 1900s. The same has been true of the beverage industry. The bottle is still roughly the same shape with the same style of cap that existed in the days of the wild wild west. But sometimes change is a good thing, and the biggest change to come along in recent years in the beverage industry is the push down bottle opener.

Sometimes Change is a Good thing

The push down bottle opener is a great advancement in technology because it allows you to get to what you want faster, and with less mess and danger. Those metal caps can be a real hazard, especially the twist caps. Your hands don’t deserve the punishment that a twist-off cap frequently delivers. Combine that with the difficulty of getting the cap off with a traditional bottle opener, and you might be left scratching your head and wondering why we’re still drinking like the Pilgrims. But with a push down bottle opener, that cap is off in seconds and you’re able to enjoy your beverage without any harsh words or finger injuries.

When it comes to push down bottle openers, the clear leader in the industry is MyTopOff. This push down bottle opener really delivers, giving you a refreshing beverage in seconds without any of the fuss of a traditional bottle opener. With its quick action, it’s easy to just push it down until you hear the click signifying that your bottle cap has been removed. Best of all, MyTopOff understands that if you demand futuristic technology for your drinks, you’re certainly not going to want to be cleaning up bottle caps. MyTopOff is magnetic, so that bottle caps stays where it belongs until you can dispose of it.

There’s no need to drink like a caveman. This is the twenty-first century, so drink like you’re from the future by trying MyTopOff today.

MyTopOff is the All-Purpose Bottle Opener

Posted by mike August - 26 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Do you struggle to get that bottle top off? Does it take you minutes to remove that stubborn bottle cap? With MyTopOff, in a matter of seconds you will have that cap off and be guzzling your favorite beverage. There will never be a need to fight to remove another bottle top. MyTopOff will be the last bottle opener you will ever need to purchase.

MyTopOff is a unique bottle opener that is constructed of durable stainless steel and plastic with a convenient magnet to help capture the bottle cap after removing. It is safe for adults and children alike. This convenient opener is made to fit over the bottle cap. Push the bottle opener down until it clicks. Then with a simple lift straight upward, the bottle cap is removed. Your hands are safe from unnecessary cuts from sharp edges. It is dishwasher safe or can be cleaned by hand with soap and water. With proper care, it will last for many years to come. What could be easier? With a 100% full life-time guarantee, this is a win-win situation.

Take MyTopOff everywhere: home, camping, tailgating, to the pool, beach or boating. With its small size, it will fit anywhere. Keep one in the cooler or kitchen drawer for easy access. All of your friends will be envious of your aptitude for removing bottle caps. With MyTopOff, you will make this process look so easy. Everyone will want one.

Available in many different logos, this opener will be the life of the party. Purchase in quantity for a great business or club promotion. We use high quality custom silk screen printing for custom made logos. Promote your business or fund raiser with a functional product such as MyTopOff. Your clients will enjoy the ease of such high-quality openers and will be reminded of your company each time the openers are used.

Everyone needs a good bottle opener and with MyTopOff, you will have the easiest bottle opener in town. Try MyTopOff and you will never want to go back to your traditional bottle opener. With a simple push and lift with MyTopOff, your drink will be ready to enjoy.