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Order a MyTopOff Opener today for $9.95 plus $6.95 S&H, and you will receive an insulated Koozie and a drink sling absolutely FREE. For a limited time we will DOUBLE your order for FREE with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE! So, you will be receiving 2 MyTopOff Openers, 2 Koozies, and 2 Drink Slings. A total value of over $60.00 for only $16.90 delivered to your door!
1 Double Kit : $16.90 total, 2 Openers, 2 Koozies, 2 Drink Slings
2 Double Kits: $33.80 total, 4 Openers, 4 Koozies, 4 Drink Slings
3 Double Kits: $50.70 total, 6 Openers, 6 Koozies, 6 Drink Slings.
Allow 7 to 10 days for shipping in the United States, a little longer to Canada.

MyTopOff – Just Push Down

Posted by mike November - 22 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

Smartphones, 3D television, electric cars…All of these will go down in history as being some of the greatest advances in technology, and you better believe that the My Top Off bottle opener will be right there with them! This genius, yet simple, technology will have beer drinkers jumping for joy for many years to come! Everyone loves a product that makes life a little easier, and that is just one reason why the My Top Off bottle opener is such a hit!

What is a My Top Off bottle opener?

Imagine being able to open a bottle of cold beer in less than a second. Sound too good to be true? It is most defiantly possible with this high tech push down bottle opener! The My Top Off bottle opener allows bottled beverage drinkers to instantly open their bottle in lightning speed with no effort what so ever. The secret to this bottle opener is hidden inside. Its spring loaded cap removal system quickly releases any bottle cap with just a pop on and then a pop off. If you can put a cap on a pen, you will have no problem using this push down bottle opener! It’s that easy! And don’t worry about your friends dropping it and breaking it after maybe a few too many! The My Top Off bottle opener is made with durable stainless steel and hard plastic, so you will feel comfortable handing it over to your not-so-graceful beer drinking friends!

Imagine the possibilities…

No more prying the tops of your beers with old fashion bottle openers, and no more ripping holes in your shirt as you use it to cover your hand while twisting the cap off (you know you’ve done that before!). It can even make life a lot easier for bartenders! Imagine opening an entire row of beers with just a simple pop on/pop off motion! Time is of the essence when getting those frosty cold beers to their rightful owners, so being able to open them in half a second makes perfect sense! Opening hundreds of beers each night with old fashion bottle openers has got to make your hand sore! Sore-no-more with this awesome push down bottle opener! And, we all know how hard it is to open a beer when your hands are wet. The My Top Off is the perfect accessory when drinking your beer near water, like at the beach, on a boat, in a pool, in the bathtub, in a hot tub, or even in the rain! When things get slippery, you can count on this push down bottle opener to get the job done!

So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your beer drinking experience now and order your own My Top Off bottle opener! And, don’t forget you can customize your push down bottle opener with your own name or logo so you won’t have to worry about your buddies trying to claim it as their own!

Pop Your Bottle with the MyTopOff Bottle Popper

Posted by mike September - 30 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

When a person sits down to drink a beer or a bottle of wine, the last thing that person wants to do is work. Sometimes using traditional bottle poppers can be strenuous and frustrating. My TopOff is a specially designed bottle popper that makes life easier for those who just want to take their tops off and drink. It is very easy to use and there is no twisting, turning, grunting or struggling involved. The days of using shirts, rubber items, knives, hands and faulty traditional poppers are over. My TopOff is the most innovative product on the market today.

Take Your Top Off Now

The My TopOff popper is a stainless steel one-piece device that fits snugly over any bottle top. To open a bottle, the user will simply press the bottle popper onto the top of the bottle until he or she hears a click. After the person hears the click, he or she will lift the My TopOff, and the cap will come up immediately. Voila! The bottle is now open. The exciting part is that the cap will be attached to the magnetic cap catcher on the My TopOff.

Everyone is Taking Their Tops Off

Users around the world are throwing away their old styled poppers and trying My TopOff.
The My TopOff bottle popper is so versatile that a person can use it at any event. A person can use it at a frat party, football party, wedding, barbeque, Jacuzzi session, camping trip, fishing trip, basketball game, or beer pong party. Its operation is so easy that any person can use it, including senior citizens and children. The My TopOff is not just for domestic beer; it can take the top off any bottle of soda, water or other beverage. The unit works on twist caps and crown tops as well.

Free Gifts With Purchase

Anyone who is interested in this amazing new bottle popper can try it for only $9.95. For a limited time, new customers will receive a gift upon ordering it. The company is offering these customers an extra bottle popper, two koozies, and two drink slings all for the price of just one My TopOff. The additional items the company is giving to new customers as a gift are worth $60. It would not be logical to pass up this special offer.

My TopOff was created to add convenience to the simple things in life. Anyone who has cut a hand on a difficult bottle top or had to try to use a knife or other household device can benefit from this offering. They also make perfect inexpensive but useful gifts for family members and friends. Interested parties can purchase a bottle popper now through a secure checkout. The company will ship the device out ASAP.

The Best Bottle Top Opener

Posted by mike September - 17 - 2013 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

Known for being the best bottle top opener on the market, MyTopOff provides you with an innovative opener design for easily and effectively removing all your bottle caps. Most traditional bottle openers are often very difficult to use, especially when it comes to twist-off caps that can be both painful and hard to remove.

MyTopOff allows you to remove twist-off and pop-top bottle caps without trying to twist them off with your hands or teeth. This best bottle top opener effectively works on domestic beers, home-brew beer, and imported beer caps, including crown tops that secure soda bottles.

Unforgettable Features

MyTopOff comes with a smooth exterior to protect your hands while opening a bottle, providing you with a quick, two-step process. After you open the bottle cap, push the best bottle top opener onto the bottle’s top until it clicks.

High-tech Design

With a durable spring-release design, MyTopOff separates the cap from the bottle, allowing you to remove the bottle top within a matter of seconds. Especially designed to pop your bottle cap off when you press it down, MyTopOff showcases a magnetic catcher for holding your unneeded bottle top.

Durable Construction

Constructed with a sturdy plastic exterior and durable stainless-steel interior, MyTopOff lasts for years to come, and the compact design allows you to store this bottle top opener in your purse or backpack. MyTopOff can be washed in the dishwasher or simply rinsed off with soap and water, ensuring an easy cleaning process.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Perfect for barbeques, parties, tailgating, boating, outdoor concerts, and camping, MyTopOff comes with an easy-to-use design. This best bottle top opener offers the easiest and fastest way to open your soda and beer bottles, allowing you to serve drinks to both small and large crowds of people. Whether you are an adult, senior, or child, this best bottle top opener offers a safe and sanitary solution for every occasion.

If you are searching for a unique promotional item that will be unforgettable, you can personalize the MyTopOff for any business function or venture, making it the best bottle top opener on the market. Stop struggling with ordinary bottle openers and choose MyTopOff’s simple cap removal method today!

MyTopOff – The Perfect Beer Opener

Posted by mike August - 31 - 2013 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

There is a vast array of simple constructed devices that can quickly provide the primary function of flipping off a crown top cap. The improper usage of a beer opener can cause you to break the top portion of the beer bottle off. Of course, you could just try to tightly grip the neck of the beer bottle and then wedge something underneath the cap to pop it off. While it’s possible to improvise with the usage of such items as a lighter, spoon or a slot in the car door opening, they seldom work well without a lot of practice. Beer bottles are not only capped with a crown, but they can also be fitted with a twist off top. Sometimes, while removing a simple twist off cap from the top of the beer bottle, it can lacerate your hand. Luckily, MyTopOff has come up with a more diversified beer opener that is as effective as it is safe.

What is MyTopOff?

MyOffTop gives you the capability to easily remove a crown or even a twisted beer bottle top while still retaining the cap. All you have to do is push down the bottle cap opener until it clicks and then pull straight up. There is a spring loaded mechanism that prompts the cap to pop off and a magnet installed in the beer opener that holds the cap.

The MyTopOff beer bottle opener is made out of stainless steel and a durable plastic with a metal spring and release hook. This allows it to be easier to clean with soap and water or in the dishwasher. It has the quality endurance level to last for a very long time.

How is MyTopOff Useful?

MyTopOff offers you the opportunity to create your own unique custom labeled beer opener. This gives you a more productive way to accentuate your advertisement by the continuous usefulness of the MyTopOff beer opener. In addition, it assists in alleviating the stress associated with purchasing the perfect gift, for The MyTopOff beer opener can be utilized easily and safely by everyone.

Open Any Beer Bottle Quick And Easy!

Posted by mike August - 29 - 2013 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

Now, you can open any beer bottle quickly and effortlessly with MyTopOff! Introducing a revolutionary and totally unique beer bottle opener that is so fast and easy to use – it’s amazing and fun! You’ll never struggle with twist caps again. It works on most every kind of bottled beverage available – including non twist caps, too. It can safely and easily handle opening bottles of domestic beer as well as imported beer – in record time – and it even works on crown tops found on beer and soda bottles. Once you try it, you’ll want to take it everywhere and never want to use any other ordinary beer bottle opener. And thanks to it’s compact size, you can store MyTopOff anywhere… from purses and backpacks, to tackle boxes and tool kits.

So, here’s how to use this ingenious new tool: Simply place MyTopOff beer bottle opener over any beverage with a bottle cap, press down until you hear a click, and then lift it up. That’s all there is to it ! Once it is removed, the cap is magnetically held in place with the beer bottle opener and can easily be discarded. Then, you can quickly move on to opening the next bottle at lightning speed! Wow! That is cool. Bartenders will love giving their hands a rest with this uncomplicated bottle top remover. Even kids and senior adults have no problem opening their favorite drink with MyTopOff.

It is a must-have for parties, tailgating and so much more! MyTopOff beer bottle opener is also great to bring along while golfing, boating, camping, hunting or fishing, and is so convenient at outdoor barbeques, the beach, the swimming pool, concerts and sporting events! It makes a great, one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion, too – for yourself, your family and all your friends. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece, as well, because when anyone tries this unrivaled beer bottle opener, Everyone wants one, too! So, check us out on the web at MyTopOff for fantastic special offers and order yours right now to get the party started today!

Custom Beer Bottle Openers

Posted by mike July - 10 - 2013 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Order a custom beer bottle opener for you upcoming event or to help promote your business. Custom branding a MyTopOff bottle opener will be something that will be shown over and over by people at parties, tailgating, barbeques, picnics, family outings, business meetings etc. People love our push down bottle opener and will hang on to it as apposed to a branded mug, cap, or pen. The quality is outstanding and we guarantee full satisfaction with your order. There is no set up charge for printing and three or four colors are possible at no extra charge. We currently can deliver most orders in two weeks. MyTopOff works on any crown top glass bottle including twist offs. Just send us a copy of your logo and we will provide you a free mock up design of a custom opener with your logo and info. We have many sample photos we can send you as well of other custom openers we have created. We can send you the images to give you ideas on your custom opener design. We also offer a full line of custom opener colors. For an additional charge we can print custom stainless steel bottle openers with one color.

Call Mike direct at 801-792-4837 to answer any questions on your custom bottle opener.

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Sell MyTopOff Openers Distributors Welcome!

Posted by mike August - 20 - 2012 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

We get many inquires from individuals wanting to sell MyTopOff openers in their own local market to make extra cash.  They can be sold at all events including county fairs, concerts, open markets etc.  We have also had good success at trade shows including, cooking, outdoor gear ,travel, home and garden, RV and boat, also gun and ammo shows do very well. We can also help with your banner and advertising ideas. As for demonstrating we have a recap unit that will allow you to show the openers work time after time reusing very inexpensive bottle caps. This could also be a great idea for team fund raisers at tailgating events or any kind of fund raiser where people gather all wanting to raise cash for an important purpose. Call us direct and will can help you with a discount wholesale order that will allow you to make money and have fun selling the openers and accesories. Call us direct at 801-792-4837

Don’t Get Fooled and buy a BAD opener!

Posted by mike May - 3 - 2012 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

There are copy cats trying to have you order other openers other than brand openers. We are the best opener with the best warranty! 100% Lifetime! The owners take care of all customer service calls or emails with personal service. No call centers here!
Just email us @ or call 801-792-4837.  We love helping with custom orders or answering any questions you have.
Owner Custom Silk Screen Openers Available

Posted by mike March - 10 - 2012 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

Due to demand is proud to announce we are finally ready for high quality custom Silk Screen printing on openers! We have been working on a version that has the logo small on the the back side and we will print your custom logo prominently large on the front. This is perfect for your business of any kind, restaurant, bar, liquor store, construction business, insurance or real estate, etc. We also receive request for fund raisers, bike rallies, beer fests, 5,10,K running events, weddings, or even birthdays. Use your imagination? Everyone would love to see your logo on a opener. The best part is people cherish the gift and will keep it and show it off for years to come. You can give it knowing the opener is heavy duty, dishwasher safe and has a full lifetime warranty. Due to the demand we have put a great new price list together. The prices are the lowest we have ever been able to obtain for quality silk screen printing.

I have been working on custom order printing and now have some great pricing on one to four color silk screen on either a black or white opener. We only put our web address very small on one side so the company logo will be the main focus. This is not just a label but an actual silk screen that wont wear off and all the openers are backed up by us with a full warranty for any defect. Here is the pricing:

Call Mike McOmber (owner) direct at 801-792-4837 for custom orders. You can also Email us at

100 openers @$4.55
200 openers @$4.15
300 openers @$3.95
400 openers @$3.80
500 openers @$3.65
Figure $25.00 per 100 openers for UPS ground shipping.

Call Mike McOmber (owner) direct at 801-792-4837 for custom orders. You can also Email us at

Post Your Video!

Posted by mike February - 27 - 2012 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

We are looking for great video of people using MyTopOff openers on YouTube channel. It can be camping, fishing, tailgating,skiing, BBQ, home bar or kitchen. We will give $100 in merchandise to the best post this month of March.