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Order a MyTopOff Opener today for $9.95 plus $6.95 S&H, and you will receive an insulated Koozie and a drink sling absolutely FREE. For a limited time we will DOUBLE your order for FREE with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE! So, you will be receiving 2 MyTopOff Openers, 2 Koozies, and 2 Drink Slings. A total value of over $60.00 for only $16.90 delivered to your door!
1 Double Kit : $16.90 total, 2 Openers, 2 Koozies, 2 Drink Slings
2 Double Kits: $33.80 total, 4 Openers, 4 Koozies, 4 Drink Slings
3 Double Kits: $50.70 total, 6 Openers, 6 Koozies, 6 Drink Slings.
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MyTopOff – Open your Beer in an Instant!

Posted by mike December - 19 - 2013 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

Being the life of the party means more than just knowing how to entertain. Whether you are throwing a birthday bash or simply hitting a tailgate party before the big game, you should always know how to open a beverage without losing face. At almost every celebration, too much time is wasted trying to figure out how to open a beverage. Those who prefer to party outdoors are especially prone to discovering that they are left with few options after leaving their beer opener at home. Fortunately, there is a better way to open your beverage without resorting to cracking a couple of teeth or denting your tailgate. With MyTopOff, you can always be sure that you can open any beverage in an instant without missing a beat.

Keep the Party Going

If you frequently find yourself playing the role of the host, then you should always know how to get your guests their drinks fast. Even if you just want to spend a few hours poolside alone, it is never fun to waste time running inside to get your drink open. MyTopOff offers a revolutionary way to keep the party going by having an instant way to open your beverage with only one quick flick of the wrist. Not only will this save you time, but once your friends get a glimpse of your beer opener, you will be at the center of attention. Let those other people stand around and wait as you instantly open bottle after bottle while gaining the respect of your friends. MyTopOff is the easiest bottle opener you will ever operate, and it goes the extra mile by collecting your tops and being easy to clean. Check out how the MyTopOff works so you can take advantage of the best way to avoid having a lapse in your party fun.

How MyTopOff Works

Once you understand how MyTopOff works, you will wonder how you ever survived a party without one in your possession. The MyTopOff beer opener works using spring-loaded technology. To use one, simple place the MyTopOff over the top of your beverage, and then press down. Once you do, the spring-loaded magnet will hold the cap so that it is removed as you pull the bottle away. Afterwards, the cap is conveniently held in place so that you can discard it without having to worry about searching for it on the ground. While it is not necessary to clean the beer opener after each use, those who are worried about it can simply rinse it off with regular dishwashing liquid or toss it into the dishwasher after the party’s over. If you are ready to eliminate your beverage opening frustrations, then be sure to get a MyTopOff today that will keep you at the top of your game.

A Perfect Addition to Any Party

Posted by mike December - 13 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

If you’re throwing any raucous parties this holiday season, you can’t be without the MyTopOff. This revolutionary beer cap opener is the awesome little device that will wow all of your friends and guests. Instead of cutting your hands on jagged bottle caps or chipping a table or counter by trying to pop off that stubborn bottle cap, MyTopOff allows you to pop off your bottle caps with complete and total ease. Here are three reasons why the MyTopOff is an absolute must-have for any party.

Totally Easy To Use

Are you ready to say goodbye to cuts on your hand or bottle caps that refuse to come off the bottle? At this year’s holiday fun, put a few MyTopOffs near the bar or in the kitchen to allow your guests to pop their caps off with total ease. Your guests will be amazed at how simple, quick and easy this awesome little beer cap opener truly is. It may seem small, but it totally packs a wallop.

An Awesome Party Favor

This beer cap opener can be customized. This is the perfect option for those who want to provide their guests with a cool party favor that they will use over and over again. Treat your guests to their own personal MyTopOff when they walk in the door, so that they can enjoy their new gift during your party. Personalize their new beer cap opener with slogans like “Tom’s New Years Bash 2013.” This is a great way for your friends to remember the awesome night you all had forever.

A Cleaner House in the Morning

When people throw a party, they often wake up in the morning to find bottle caps strewn everywhere. This is one reason why the MyTopOff beer cap opener is so crucial. Thanks to a little magnet within the device, it grabs the bottle cap to keep it from falling onto to the floor. Not only is this amazing little device a fun way to open your beer, but it’s also a great way to ensure that beer caps make their way to the garbage can – not your floor.

The MyTopOff is an absolute must-have at your parties this holiday season. Customize your new beer cap openers with a fun slogan or logo so that you can give them away as party favors. You can enjoy the fun little bonus gifts that come when you order MyTopOffs, like the insulated koozie and the hands-free drink sling.

One Push Opens Any Bottle Type!

Posted by mike November - 20 - 2013 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Everyone loves bringing a six pack of beer to a party or casual get-together, but few people remember to bring bottle openers. A party ends before it even begins if no one can get the beers open. Screw-top bottles are easy to open at first, but it only takes two or three of those bottles to effectively shred someone’s hand. Traditional bottle openers can be clumsy, and wall-mounted openers are inconvenient. MyTopOff, a push down bottle cap opener, is the best way to solve these problems.

How Does It Work?

MyTopOff is incredibly easy to use. All one has to do is place the push down bottle cap opener over the top of a bottle and apply a light amount of pressure. A magnet holds onto the cap so it does not fall on the floor. It requires almost no strength to remove bottle caps with MyTopOff. The device can be used while seated at the dinner table or while lounging with a group of friends in a hot tub or at the beach. One does not have to get up out of a comfortable position to use the push down bottle cap opener. He or she could stay in a reclining position and open bottles without spilling their contents. MyTopOffs are especially convenient at sporting events. No one wants to look away from the game for the amount of time it takes to open a beer with a traditional bottle opener. One can open a beer with MyTopOff without having to look at it. Beers for a whole group could be opened within seconds with MyTopOff.

Who Uses MyTopOff?

MyTopOff openers are quickly becoming popular among people who host parties and socialize frequently. Each push down bottle cap opener is small enough to keep in a purse, cooler, sports bag, beach tote or utensil drawer. It is about as big as the slender top portion of a beer bottle.

MyTopOff bottle openers make great gifts. They could be tucked into gift baskets containing other kitchen and hosting supplies, or they could be passed out among friends at Christmas. MyTopOffs can even be personalized. This makes them great promotional items for businesses; customers are more likely to give repeat business to a company if they actually like and enjoy using its promotional gifts. MyTopOffs could also be given out as reception favors at a casual wedding. Outdoor barbecue-style weddings are becoming more and more common, and MyTopOffs emblazoned with the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding would suit the spirit of a casual celebration perfectly.

MyTopOff openers are available in plastic and stainless steel. Buy your MyTopOff today and enjoy your beverages without the hassle and inconvenience of a normal bottle opener.

Become The Life Of Any Party With My Top Off!

Posted by mike November - 16 - 2013 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

If you’ve ever been the life of a party, you know how much fun it is. It might have also been a little embarrassing the next day. This time, be the life of the party because you introduced everyone to one of the most fun bottle openers available today, the My Top Off bottle opener. Everyone will be talking about this cool invention for weeks after the party balloons have all popped.

Bottle caps can be notoriously hard to get off and can injure fingers when your skin catches on them the wrong way. My Top Off bottle openers are the perfect solution. So easy even a child can do it to open soda caps. Older folks can handle it as well. Simply pop the opener on top of the cap and listen as the ingenious magnetic catcher grabs the cap and holds it until you dispose of it.

Many Uses For These Awesome Bottle Openers

These are such fun bottle openers that are perfect for any event where everyone will be popping open cold beverages. They work great for fishing and camping outings, for traveling, to put in a golf bag or stash one in a tackle box. Use them to open any bottle easily at concerts, festivals, fairs and even at the beach. These fun bottle openers work on any kind of bottle from crown styles to twist-off caps to traditional pop off caps.

Your friends will be amazed when you pull one of these fun bottle openers out of your pocket or purse to use at your next party. They make fantastic birthday gifts, or great gifts for any occasion. The recipient of your thoughtful gift will absolutely love it!

Be creative and make a special gift basket for any beverage lover by including a My Top Off bottle opener. Thoughtfully fill a gift basket with a personalized mug, gift certificates to a favorite drinking spot, bartending books or special books for beer hobbyists. Then add a bar keepers towel, bottles of their favorite beverage and a My Top Off bottle opener and watch their eyes light up!

Promote A Restaurant, Bar Or Business

Custom order these fun bottle openers with your businesses own personalized logo to promote your business in a very unique way. Forget tired ideas like key-chains, pencils or koozies. Promote your business with personalized My Top Off bottle openers and create a memorable promotion.

Let everyone know that your business is different. You thrive on creativity and originality and your business gives promotional items that are helpful. These fun bottle openers never sit in a drawer unused. You have to try this incredibly unique and helpful bottle opener today!

Open Any Bottle, Instantly!

Posted by mike November - 12 - 2013 - Tuesday ADD COMMENTS

Ever wonder how the bartenders at the most exclusive clubs open so many bottles so fast? When things get really busy, the pros turn to MyTopOff bottle popper. MyTopOff is like no other bottle opener: it’s a completely different concept that makes the job go quicker.

How is MyTopOff different from regular bottle openers?

The key is in the advanced design. Instead of prying open a bottle cap — the way it’s been done for decades — MyTopOff is a push-down bottle opener with a spring-loaded mechanism inside that removes the cap in a flash. Just slip MyTopOff over the cap of the bottle, give it one quick push down until you hear it click, and one pull straight up to remove the cap. A powerful magnet holds the cap inside and out of the way.

Efficient — and entertaining!

Most people will have never seen a bottle opener like this! And once you bring out the MyTopOff, the fun starts. Everybody will be asking “Hey, what IS that?” and “Wait a minute…how did you do that?” Forget those showboaters who attempt to open bottles with their teeth: wait until your guests see how fast, easily — and safely! — you open bottles with MyTopOff. They’ll be begging you to let them try it. MyTopOff is great for parties, outdoor barbecues, tailgating parties and any other event where you have lots of thirsty people. You want to keep the fun flowing, and a conventional bottle opener just won’t do. No twisting, turning, or struggling with twist or non-twist caps.

It’s not only fast and easy — MyTopOff is safer.

If you’ve ever had one of those conventional bottle openers slip, making you cut or scratch your hand on the sharp edge of a bottle cap, you’ll see immediately why MyTopOff is a better bottle opener. It works really fast, and the cap is covered. And it takes less strength to get your bottles open. That’s why it’s so great for people with arthritis or hand injuries. Kids love it too! They can open their soda bottles or water bottles quickly and easily. Plus they’ll love watching MyTopOff work!

MyTopOff is great for home or for business gifts!

It’s always fun to be the first to introduce something new to your friends, especially something as useful and interesting as MyTopOff. Right now, you can order one MyTopOff and get one free for only $9.95. That means you can have one at home and one to carry with you. And if you own a business, you can even order MyTopOff bottle openers as promo items with your company logo. They’re great to include in gift baskets, too.

Pop Your Bottle with the MyTopOff Bottle Popper

Posted by mike September - 30 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

When a person sits down to drink a beer or a bottle of wine, the last thing that person wants to do is work. Sometimes using traditional bottle poppers can be strenuous and frustrating. My TopOff is a specially designed bottle popper that makes life easier for those who just want to take their tops off and drink. It is very easy to use and there is no twisting, turning, grunting or struggling involved. The days of using shirts, rubber items, knives, hands and faulty traditional poppers are over. My TopOff is the most innovative product on the market today.

Take Your Top Off Now

The My TopOff popper is a stainless steel one-piece device that fits snugly over any bottle top. To open a bottle, the user will simply press the bottle popper onto the top of the bottle until he or she hears a click. After the person hears the click, he or she will lift the My TopOff, and the cap will come up immediately. Voila! The bottle is now open. The exciting part is that the cap will be attached to the magnetic cap catcher on the My TopOff.

Everyone is Taking Their Tops Off

Users around the world are throwing away their old styled poppers and trying My TopOff.
The My TopOff bottle popper is so versatile that a person can use it at any event. A person can use it at a frat party, football party, wedding, barbeque, Jacuzzi session, camping trip, fishing trip, basketball game, or beer pong party. Its operation is so easy that any person can use it, including senior citizens and children. The My TopOff is not just for domestic beer; it can take the top off any bottle of soda, water or other beverage. The unit works on twist caps and crown tops as well.

Free Gifts With Purchase

Anyone who is interested in this amazing new bottle popper can try it for only $9.95. For a limited time, new customers will receive a gift upon ordering it. The company is offering these customers an extra bottle popper, two koozies, and two drink slings all for the price of just one My TopOff. The additional items the company is giving to new customers as a gift are worth $60. It would not be logical to pass up this special offer.

My TopOff was created to add convenience to the simple things in life. Anyone who has cut a hand on a difficult bottle top or had to try to use a knife or other household device can benefit from this offering. They also make perfect inexpensive but useful gifts for family members and friends. Interested parties can purchase a bottle popper now through a secure checkout. The company will ship the device out ASAP.

Push Down Bottle Opener

Posted by mike September - 27 - 2013 - Friday ADD COMMENTS

Have you ever found yourself at an event with plenty of beer but with no way to open them? This common party problem often results in embarrassment and hasty actions that can cause injury. Although demonstrating how you can open a bottle using a table or your teeth may seem like a good idea at the time, this can quickly result in disastrous consequences. Instead of risking a major party faux pas, you can easily open your bottles using a push down bottle opener that is designed to lift off a cap in one swift step. If you are looking for a new way to improve your drinking experience, then here is how you can use a push down bottle opener to demonstrate your beer opening skills.

Advantages of Using MyTopOff

The greatest advantage of a push down bottle opener is that it is portable and convenient enough to carry in your pocket. Many people find that they prefer to keep one in their car and another in their kitchen so that one is always readily accessible. A quality push down bottle opener is even sturdy enough to be left outside on the patio or in an outdoor kitchen for use during backyard cookouts. In addition to being portable, the MyTopOff is easy simple to maintain and clean. All that is necessary to clean your bottle opener is a quick rinse with some water and dish soap. They are also dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with a regular load of your dishes. These portable bottle openers also make great gifts and promotional items that can be given away at corporate events.

How It Works

A push down bottle opener is designed with a spring-loaded mechanism that safely removes the cap off a bottle with one simple push down and one pull up. To use your MyTopOff, simply place it over the cap of your bottle and push down until it clicks. Then, pull your opener straight up to remove the cap. If you perform the action correctly, a magnet inside will hold your cap in place. Practice using it a few times and then demonstrate your skills to your friends. At family-friendly parties, you can even let kids discover the ease of opening their sodas using your push down bottle opener. Once you have mastered your bottle opening skills, you will love showing off your MyTopOff. Finally, check out the colors and customization options available to make you stand out in a crowd every time you pop off a top. From stainless steel to black with personalized designs, get one or several so you will always have a convenient way to open your bottles at your next event.

Fun Bottle Openers

Posted by mike September - 5 - 2013 - Thursday ADD COMMENTS

MyTopOff bottle openers are fun bottle openers are great for opening all kinds of bottle caps. They are extremely easy to use! All you have to do is push the bottle opener down over the bottle cap. Another glorious feature of these fun bottle openers is that they come equipped with a magnetic cap catcher so you don’t have to worry about your bottle cap falling out of arms reach. These amazing bottle openers work on twist caps, non twist caps, caps on imported and domestic beers, and even on the crown top caps that are sometimes found on certain beers and sodas.

These fun bottle openers are also amazing gifts. They are especially great gifts for bachelor and bachelorette parties! Football parties, tailgating parties, and college parties are other awesome ideas to use these fun bottle openers at! Buy tons of them and impress your friends with your awesome bottle opening gadget! They’ll all wonder where you found these bottle openers and envy you for having them. Other great uses for these bottle openers are promoting a business or idea(you can have a custom logo or message printed on the bottle opener!), camping, date night with that special someone, gift baskets, and stocking stuffers.

An Excellent Conversation Starter!

The MyTopOff bottle openers are really fun to use and make for excellent conversation starters. People are always asking about them because of the way they work, their ease of use, and their ability to keep the cap magnetically attached to the bottle opener until you take it out. They are also safe to use and easy to clean! These bottle openers are also very durable and built to last, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or falling apart.
Even if you have no immediate use in mind these events and gift giving occasions will surely approach quickly. Having them handy around the house and in your kitchen can save you from a lot of trouble, as well! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these fun bottle openers once you grow accustomed to having one nearby for use with the many types of bottles you can quickly and easily open with them. Buy some today for yourself and your friends and family!

The Perfect Gift Bottle Openers

Posted by mike September - 2 - 2013 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Going to parties or hosting parties is great fun. The friendship, the laughs, the singing, the games and of course partaking of your favorite beverage. With the huge variety to choose from, the fun of sampling different tastes and brands can be a big part of the fun. However, between the twist-off caps and the standard variety, it’s only the super-experienced drinker who remembers one from the other. Now, there is an easy, convenient way that doesn’t involve gouging your fingers by trying to twist off a standard pop-off bottle cap!

Now comes the perfect bottle openers for both twist-off and standard pop-off caps. It’s an amazing tool that simplifies the task, avoiding cut or sore fingers from sharp bottle caps. It’s a revolutionary tool that brings smiles and plenty of “wows” to the party or get-together. Instead of wrestling with a twist-off or discovering the twist-off isn’t a twist-off, these easy-to-operate, safe bottle openers remove caps with a simple twist. In addition, the inside is magnetized, holding the bottle cap safely from your fingers, thus negating the need for a search party to find the missing bottle cap ‘somewhere’ on the floor.

Take Your Top Off and Sling Your Drink

With these awesome bottle openers, you can safely take the top off. With the cool Drink Sling bonus that comes with it, you can carry your beverage around your neck or waist, or carry it conveniently as you walk. The Drink Sling is a lanyard that fits snugly over the bottle neck and holds it securely so you can use both your hands without having to hold your drink. With the very awesome bottle openers and the Drink Sling, you have the ultimate in convenience.

The Ultimate Party Gift

The fun, easy MyTopOff bottle openers make the perfect party gift. A bottle of wine is a great gift, but it’s soon empty and in the trash. The MyTopOff will last for years, giving your host an awesome tool for entertaining that will be appreciated by host and guests alike. With the MyTopOff bottle opener comes the bonus Drink Sling and a zippered koozie! Not only can you easily open your drink, sling it or carry it conveniently, the koozie will keep it cool and fresh as you cruise the party, beach, or barbecue.

The Perfect Anytime Gift

The MyTopOff opener is also a great stocking stuffer, an extra wedding gift, an add-on for camping and fishing gear, and ideal for any gift-giving occasion. It’s handy, useful and priced exceptionally low. As seen on TV, the MyTopOff is the newest, best, easiest way to take your top off!

Custom Beer Bottle Openers

Posted by mike July - 10 - 2013 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Order a custom beer bottle opener for you upcoming event or to help promote your business. Custom branding a MyTopOff bottle opener will be something that will be shown over and over by people at parties, tailgating, barbeques, picnics, family outings, business meetings etc. People love our push down bottle opener and will hang on to it as apposed to a branded mug, cap, or pen. The quality is outstanding and we guarantee full satisfaction with your order. There is no set up charge for printing and three or four colors are possible at no extra charge. We currently can deliver most orders in two weeks. MyTopOff works on any crown top glass bottle including twist offs. Just send us a copy of your logo and we will provide you a free mock up design of a custom opener with your logo and info. We have many sample photos we can send you as well of other custom openers we have created. We can send you the images to give you ideas on your custom opener design. We also offer a full line of custom opener colors. For an additional charge we can print custom stainless steel bottle openers with one color.

Call Mike direct at 801-792-4837 to answer any questions on your custom bottle opener.

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