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Offer Details:
Order a MyTopOff Opener today for $9.95 plus $6.95 S&H, and you will receive an insulated Koozie and a drink sling absolutely FREE. For a limited time we will DOUBLE your order for FREE with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE! So, you will be receiving 2 MyTopOff Openers, 2 Koozies, and 2 Drink Slings. A total value of over $60.00 for only $16.90 delivered to your door!
1 Double Kit : $16.90 total, 2 Openers, 2 Koozies, 2 Drink Slings
2 Double Kits: $33.80 total, 4 Openers, 4 Koozies, 4 Drink Slings
3 Double Kits: $50.70 total, 6 Openers, 6 Koozies, 6 Drink Slings.
Allow 7 to 10 days for shipping in the United States, a little longer to Canada.

Custom Beer Bottle Openers

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Order a custom beer bottle opener for you upcoming event or to help promote your business. Custom branding a MyTopOff bottle opener will be something that will be shown over and over by people at parties, tailgating, barbeques, picnics, family outings, business meetings etc. People love our push down bottle opener and will hang on to it as apposed to a branded mug, cap, or pen. The quality is outstanding and we guarantee full satisfaction with your order. There is no set up charge for printing and three or four colors are possible at no extra charge. We currently can deliver most orders in two weeks. MyTopOff works on any crown top glass bottle including twist offs. Just send us a copy of your logo and we will provide you a free mock up design of a custom opener with your logo and info. We have many sample photos we can send you as well of other custom openers we have created. We can send you the images to give you ideas on your custom opener design. We also offer a full line of custom opener colors. For an additional charge we can print custom stainless steel bottle openers with one color.

Call Mike direct at 801-792-4837 to answer any questions on your custom bottle opener.

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Push Down Bottle Openers

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Thousands of beer bottle openers and bottle openers for all tops of crown tops twist or non twist are sold everyday. Our goal is to provide the best customer service to all of our customers. These easy to use openers come in all colors for custom openers. We now offer custom camo and stainless steel push down openers for business promotion. Remember you can promote any event or business with the MyTopOff brand opener at very low prices. There is a full gaurentee against defect and these bottle openers make a great gift for upcoming Fathers Day or Birthdays. Summer BBQ and out door parties are just around the corner so stock up on a six pack offer for only $39.95 and free shipping. Thats only $6.66 per push down opener delivered. Just go to the Special Offers tab on the top of the website. Click on the red tab and scroll down to see all the products and discounts offered from, the best push down opener offered. Send us your logo for a free mock up design of openers that feature your business logo.

Custom Promotional Openers

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Make sure to check out the Custom Order page. Feel free to call us direct to discuss your custom order. 801-792-4837.



Sell MyTopOff Openers Distributors Welcome!

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We get many inquires from individuals wanting to sell MyTopOff openers in their own local market to make extra cash.  They can be sold at all events including county fairs, concerts, open markets etc.  We have also had good success at trade shows including, cooking, outdoor gear ,travel, home and garden, RV and boat, also gun and ammo shows do very well. We can also help with your banner and advertising ideas. As for demonstrating we have a recap unit that will allow you to show the openers work time after time reusing very inexpensive bottle caps. This could also be a great idea for team fund raisers at tailgating events or any kind of fund raiser where people gather all wanting to raise cash for an important purpose. Call us direct and will can help you with a discount wholesale order that will allow you to make money and have fun selling the openers and accesories. Call us direct at 801-792-4837

Bottle Opener, You Want the Best!

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MyTopOff bottle opener is superior to the others! It is the best push down bottle opener for all types of beers. It even works on twist off caps! This opener has a 100% lifetime warranty. Check out our free shipping on the SPECIAL OFFERS page! Custom Silk Screen Openers Available

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Due to demand is proud to announce we are finally ready for high quality custom Silk Screen printing on openers! We have been working on a version that has the logo small on the the back side and we will print your custom logo prominently large on the front. This is perfect for your business of any kind, restaurant, bar, liquor store, construction business, insurance or real estate, etc. We also receive request for fund raisers, bike rallies, beer fests, 5,10,K running events, weddings, or even birthdays. Use your imagination? Everyone would love to see your logo on a opener. The best part is people cherish the gift and will keep it and show it off for years to come. You can give it knowing the opener is heavy duty, dishwasher safe and has a full lifetime warranty. Due to the demand we have put a great new price list together. The prices are the lowest we have ever been able to obtain for quality silk screen printing.

I have been working on custom order printing and now have some great pricing on one to four color silk screen on either a black or white opener. We only put our web address very small on one side so the company logo will be the main focus. This is not just a label but an actual silk screen that wont wear off and all the openers are backed up by us with a full warranty for any defect. Here is the pricing:

Call Mike McOmber (owner) direct at 801-792-4837 for custom orders. You can also Email us at

100 openers @$4.55
200 openers @$4.15
300 openers @$3.95
400 openers @$3.80
500 openers @$3.65
Figure $25.00 per 100 openers for UPS ground shipping.

Call Mike McOmber (owner) direct at 801-792-4837 for custom orders. You can also Email us at

Post Your Video!

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We are looking for great video of people using MyTopOff openers on YouTube channel. It can be camping, fishing, tailgating,skiing, BBQ, home bar or kitchen. We will give $100 in merchandise to the best post this month of March. News!

Posted by mike January - 2 - 2012 - Monday 2 COMMENTS would like to welcome you to our new news page. 2011 was an exciting year for the MyTopOff  bottle opener. We would like to thank all of you for your orders and helping spread the word about this fun push down bottle opener. As the owners we are always interested in hearing from all of you personally through or call us direct at 800-259-9519.

The “Buy One Get One Free” offer was a big hit for 2011 so it will be continued through 2012 along with the $10.00 upgrade to Stainless Steel. Don’t forget to click on the “SPECIAL OFFERS” tab at the top of the MyTopOff website to view special offers on multiple discounts and offers with FREE shipping.  Keep in mind that the  MyTopOff bottle opener would make a great gift  for any season and any reason. Our unique beer bottle opener is great for tailgating, bars, parties and at all of your football, baseball, NASCAR, hunting or any event. The six pack offers all have lower prices and FREE shipping.

Many of our bottle top opener customers tell us they own several. They love the ease of popping the cap right off their beers. They keep one  in the kitchen, bar, garage, by the hot tub or pool. They tell us they like having their little  Bottle pal  in their RV, motorhome, trailer, boat,  or tackle box.

Please  “Like Us” on Facebook  for a monthly chance to win a FREE six pack of Stainless Steel Bottle Openers and a MyTopOff T-Shirt. We will announce the winner each month on news. Please post your pictures, testimonials, YouTube videos using the product on our facebook page for a chance to be featured in our news and win a prize. You can post those on our Facebook link our main web  page.

Thanks goes out this month to Tailgating and to Travis Mitchell for their recent posts on our Facebook page.

We will be in Sandy Utah at the South Towne Expo Center for the International Sportsman Expo March 15-18th . If you are in the area make sure to come by our booth and say hello! It should be a great show.

Thanks again for visiting the website and for all of your support in 2011! Here’s to a fantastic 2012 to you, family, and friends!

Keep checking back for more updates.

Mike and Michele McOmber