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Order a MyTopOff Opener today for $9.95 plus $6.95 S&H, and you will receive an insulated Koozie and a drink sling absolutely FREE. For a limited time we will DOUBLE your order for FREE with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE! So, you will be receiving 2 MyTopOff Openers, 2 Koozies, and 2 Drink Slings. A total value of over $60.00 for only $16.90 delivered to your door!
1 Double Kit : $16.90 total, 2 Openers, 2 Koozies, 2 Drink Slings
2 Double Kits: $33.80 total, 4 Openers, 4 Koozies, 4 Drink Slings
3 Double Kits: $50.70 total, 6 Openers, 6 Koozies, 6 Drink Slings.
Allow 7 to 10 days for shipping in the United States, a little longer to Canada.

MyTopOff – Open your Beer in an Instant!

Posted by mike December - 19 - 2013 - Thursday

Being the life of the party means more than just knowing how to entertain. Whether you are throwing a birthday bash or simply hitting a tailgate party before the big game, you should always know how to open a beverage without losing face. At almost every celebration, too much time is wasted trying to figure out how to open a beverage. Those who prefer to party outdoors are especially prone to discovering that they are left with few options after leaving their beer opener at home. Fortunately, there is a better way to open your beverage without resorting to cracking a couple of teeth or denting your tailgate. With MyTopOff, you can always be sure that you can open any beverage in an instant without missing a beat.

Keep the Party Going

If you frequently find yourself playing the role of the host, then you should always know how to get your guests their drinks fast. Even if you just want to spend a few hours poolside alone, it is never fun to waste time running inside to get your drink open. MyTopOff offers a revolutionary way to keep the party going by having an instant way to open your beverage with only one quick flick of the wrist. Not only will this save you time, but once your friends get a glimpse of your beer opener, you will be at the center of attention. Let those other people stand around and wait as you instantly open bottle after bottle while gaining the respect of your friends. MyTopOff is the easiest bottle opener you will ever operate, and it goes the extra mile by collecting your tops and being easy to clean. Check out how the MyTopOff works so you can take advantage of the best way to avoid having a lapse in your party fun.

How MyTopOff Works

Once you understand how MyTopOff works, you will wonder how you ever survived a party without one in your possession. The MyTopOff beer opener works using spring-loaded technology. To use one, simple place the MyTopOff over the top of your beverage, and then press down. Once you do, the spring-loaded magnet will hold the cap so that it is removed as you pull the bottle away. Afterwards, the cap is conveniently held in place so that you can discard it without having to worry about searching for it on the ground. While it is not necessary to clean the beer opener after each use, those who are worried about it can simply rinse it off with regular dishwashing liquid or toss it into the dishwasher after the party’s over. If you are ready to eliminate your beverage opening frustrations, then be sure to get a MyTopOff today that will keep you at the top of your game.

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