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Open Bottles with Just One Push!

Posted by mike August - 30 - 2013 - Friday

There are certain industries and products where things don’t change much over the years. Look at the auto industry. Yes, there have been improvements in safety and features, but the overwhelming majority of cars being driven today are still using a form of combustion engine from the early 1900s. The same has been true of the beverage industry. The bottle is still roughly the same shape with the same style of cap that existed in the days of the wild wild west. But sometimes change is a good thing, and the biggest change to come along in recent years in the beverage industry is the push down bottle opener.

Sometimes Change is a Good thing

The push down bottle opener is a great advancement in technology because it allows you to get to what you want faster, and with less mess and danger. Those metal caps can be a real hazard, especially the twist caps. Your hands don’t deserve the punishment that a twist-off cap frequently delivers. Combine that with the difficulty of getting the cap off with a traditional bottle opener, and you might be left scratching your head and wondering why we’re still drinking like the Pilgrims. But with a push down bottle opener, that cap is off in seconds and you’re able to enjoy your beverage without any harsh words or finger injuries.

When it comes to push down bottle openers, the clear leader in the industry is MyTopOff. This push down bottle opener really delivers, giving you a refreshing beverage in seconds without any of the fuss of a traditional bottle opener. With its quick action, it’s easy to just push it down until you hear the click signifying that your bottle cap has been removed. Best of all, MyTopOff understands that if you demand futuristic technology for your drinks, you’re certainly not going to want to be cleaning up bottle caps. MyTopOff is magnetic, so that bottle caps stays where it belongs until you can dispose of it.

There’s no need to drink like a caveman. This is the twenty-first century, so drink like you’re from the future by trying MyTopOff today.

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