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Pop Open a Cold Beer Instantly!

Posted by mike November - 4 - 2013 - Monday

Bottled beer that has been chilled to just the right temperature is something that every beer drinker looks forward to enjoying. Beer is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures. The bottle is set gingerly on the counter or table waiting to be opened. That is when it suddenly hits that there is no beer bottle opener around. There used to be one but it got lost somewhere around the home. This scenario definitely puts a damper on plans to kick back and enjoy an icy cold one. Now the challenge is to figure out how to quickly get this cap off and get to that tasty beer.

Beer Bottle Wrangler

With no beer bottle opener there is only one thing to do. Wrangle this bottle and force that cap to come off. Beer caps are a lot like wild steers in that they seem to resist any attempt at pulling them off easily. This is a task that must be approached with caution or an injury to the hand is likely to happen.

Wrangling usually begins by grabbing the neck of the bottle with one hand and the cap with the other. A person then needs to use all their strength to make this little cap budge. Much effort is put into twisting and turning it this way and that way. In most cases this usually leads to some audible grunting. A few cuts and bruises are par for the course.

Cap wrangling is hard work!

If bare hands fail to do the trick it is time to find a tool. Take a knife and try to work it around the edges. Slowly the cap may begin moving. Unfortunately, that cold beer is steadily getting warmer.

The Easy Way to Pop That Top

Tired of struggling to wrangle off those beer caps?

There’s a better solution for removing bottle caps. MyTopOff popper is a gadget that warms the heart of every beer drinker in the world. It is a beer bottle opener that is unlike any other. Simply put this amazing one-piece opener on top of any unopened bottle of beer. Push down until it clicks. Walla!

The cap comes off with lightening speed.

Instead of spending several minutes figuring out how to pull off a cap, just use MyTopOff beer bottle opener to do the job in about three seconds. There’s no mess or painful hand injuries.

Where does the cap go?

The bottle cap automatically attaches itself to the magnet inside the device. No worries about it hitting someone accidentally.

Get Started Popping Tops

Ordering MyTopOff is fast and easy. Buy one now and get a second one free. Start popping and drinking cold beer within seconds.

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